Climate Change Today

The years of debate and contention over whether climate change in fact exists seems particularly moot now, as scientists for the first time have definitively pointed to specific natural disasters in 2016 that are proof that climate change not only exist, but that it’s tangibly effecting us now, not just the North and South poles. Coastal flooding has increased this year more than normal, including both on the US’ east coast and Gulf coast, results scientists say are directly the result of global warming. Likewise heat waves across the Middle East are unprecedented, and potentially soon to be fatal. Geologists have decided that all of this human caused change requires an official move into a new era of history, the Anthropocene epoch, to account for how much (and how negatively) humans have affected the planet since 1950. Doom and gloom aside, however, a collection of artists have taken stunning photos of various forms of earth’s destruction, beautiful and disturbing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 11.17.22 AM.png


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