About Small World

miranda-in-winterMy name is Miranda Melcher. I am currently a PhD student at King’s College London’s Department of Defence Studies. I graduated from Yale University with a degree in political science, and grew up in Beijing, China. I study post-conflict military reconstruction, but have a whole bunch of side interests and pet areas, many of which have been cultivated through my many years of MUN. I decided to start Small World as a way to consolidate and share my passion for the news.

I’ve always read a lot of news and try and make a point of reading beyond the headlines. The goal of Small World is to highlight articles that analyse issues behind the headlines, rather than just reporting what is happening. I also aim to give more exposure to issues that I follow and think are important but generally do not end up on the front pages themselves.

I don’t necessarily agree with articles I post, but the idea isn’t just to read what one agrees with, but to consider an issue from a variety of angles. Likewise, I do not mean to offend, nor paint myself as an expert on anything in particular. This is a personal blog of what things I read that I find interesting. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in posts from before late July 2014, check out the old home of Small World here.


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