The future for ISIS fighters

As ISIS’ territory dissolves, fighters are fleeing in every direction. Nearly every group in and around Syria is trying to separate the fighters from the civilians, and those identified are often rounded up and arrested. What to do with them then?

What about the ones who say they’ve changed their minds? A French citizen who left her family to join ISIS in Syria and there became a propagandist and recruiter, now wants to return to France. Will she be allowed to?

What about the children from ISIS controlled territories?



Democracy in Decline

After years of internal American debate about the country’s place in the world, many seem to have come to the conclusion that America’s own democratic reputation is so strong that credibility issues are just blips. Unfortunately, both domestic and international credibility seem to be all too easy to claim, but also all too easy to lose.

Of course, the reasons why democracy seems to be in decline around the world are more complicated than just American credibility problems. But the retreat can no longer be denied, when there are examples of fast and slow degradations of democratic norms everywhere you look: Poland, IndiaHungaryKenya, Bolivia, South Africa, Lebanon, and countless other places in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and South-East Asia.

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