Snarking on Snurfing

An interesting piece in and of itself about big-air snowboarding, which is one of the more death-defying sports in the Winter Olympics. What really makes this piece great though, is the epic levels of snark.



Sex ed from porn

Due to America’s general lack of education related to sex, reproduction, and everything else in that category, it is perhaps unsurprising that most young people today learn about sex from porn. What does that teach them? What kinds of issues does that cause?


Protecting elephants…with bees

Turns out elephants are terrified of bees, and that fact may be useful in protecting these gigantic mammals, and the humans they live near.



The realities of deforestation

Intense and dedicated piece to traveling along the length of one of Brazil’s most important Amazonian highways, and the political and economic complexities of deforestation along the way.

Another thing to think about? The massive climate-change induced storms hurt trees and forests too.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.50.05 PM.png


Scandal at camel beauty pageants

Yes, camel beauty pageants are a thing. The latest headline-grabbing scandal is about the use of un-sanctioned botox to make camel entrants “more beautiful.”



Who has intercontinental missiles?

The news has been full of reports about North Korea’s new missiles, but it’s worth exploring which other countries possess long-range weapons as well. This piece helpfully compares them, with maps!

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Fighting pollution in India and China

Two of the biggest economies in the world have serious problems with pollution.