Indonesia’s all-girl Muslim heavy metal band

Heavy metal is not known for being popular in Indonesia, but it is. So popular in fact, that a group of Muslim girls are becoming nationally known for being a female heavy metal band, despite the nay-sayer conservative Muslims who try to stand in their way.



Chinese Cinematic Nationalism

This summer, China has been enjoying a domestic blockbuster in Wolf Warrior 2. Why is this nationalistic film so enticing? Well-done action sequences, certainly. Hollywood quality action without the need for dubbing, but also is an interesting look into how the Chinese government portrays its idea of China’s place in the world to its domestic audience. From the box office numbers, this vision of the future seems increasingly popular.


South Sudan is Emptying…

After years of civil war, hundreds of thousands of refugees are still fleeing to Uganda and other neighbouring countries, en masse. In many places, the fighting now takes place in deserted villages. Despite both sides claiming they are protecting civilians, many encounters now take place without any civilians in the vicinity.