Why net neutrality matters

Another divisive political issue is coming under scrutiny in the US, following a recent administration announcement that rules on net neutrality will be scrapped. What is net neutrality and why is it important?



Drama at the ICC

One of the Balkans’ most notorious war criminals has finally been sentenced for crimes against humanity and genocide, nearly two decades since his massacres were brought to light. Despite the exhaustive case and information mounted against him, there are still some unanswered questions – not about his guilt – but rather about his motive. Regardless, he will now definitely die in jail, which is somewhat better than dying while his court case dragged on.

On the other hand, one of the less famous generals drank fatal poison as his equally guilty verdict was read out in the courtroom. With these final verdicts, the tribunal for the former Yugoslavia now draws to a close.


The US & UK on trial for war crimes?

The new prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has requested permission to begin an investigation into rape and other crimes committed in Afghanistan, including incidents potentially involving American perpetrators. If the request is granted, this will be the first time since the court was founded in 2000 that Americans could be under investigation. In addition, she has also suggested that members of the British military could be investigated for potential crimes in Iraq. Why does this matter?