Does this mean no Brexit?

The Brexit process underwent a massive shock in early November when Britain’s high court ruled that the Prime Minister required Parliamentary approval to begin the withdrawal and negotiation process with the EU. Theresa May has already said she will be appealing the court, but that process will almost certainly delay her plans to start negotiations in early 2017. In fact, a parliamentary process could take many months, and even if the bill passes the House of Commons, it is less likely to pass in the House of Lords. So in a very real way, this could mean the beginning of the end of Brexit, before it has even begun (though this might be the optimistic view). Or this ruling could be overturned. Or if not, parliament could vote to approve it, potentially involving a snap election in 2017. We shall see, but if nothing else, this is an example of the influence and power of the more overlooked institution that checks the Prime Minister, the courts.



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