What to do with the refugees

Over the past week, many deals have been discussed and a few have been made about what to do about the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to Europe. A deal with Turkey already has lead to hundreds being rounded up before they can get to Greece, but this deal will likely face backlash before it goes much further, so we will see what happens there.


But even for these countries who see letting in refugees as a security problem, as this article argues, not helping these refugees is probably a bigger help to those who to seek to radicalize them than to Western safety. Interestingly, while new polls show that many of the refugees want to permanently settle down elsewhere (and not mainly in America), many Syrians do hope to be able to go home at some point. Ideally, countries can look beyond the reactionary rhetoric and understand the helping these people will be a boon to security, humanity, Syria’s future, and the demise of ISIS.



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