Deadliest Terror Group: Boko Haram

Although ISIS tends to make more headlines, the deadliest terror group in the world is Nigeria’s Boko Haram. That’s not to say ISIS isn’t deadly (though perhaps more accurately a state sponsor of terror rather than a terrorist group per se), as shown by these great graphics, but Boko Haram has a higher death toll, just perhaps a more locally focused one.

Boko Haram has been operating since 2009 mainly in the north of Nigeria. Originally a group that wanted secession for Nigeria’s north, Boko Haram’s goals have expanded to general regime change in the country and the establishment of a sharia state. Boko Haram has also started to attempt transnational expansion: to limited success in Cameroon and nearly no success in Chad. The group has also relatively recently started using suicide bombing as a scare tactic. Uniquely, Boko Haram only uses female children and young women as suicide bombers, and the frequency and fatality of attacks is increasing.



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