After November 13, Part II: Politics


Why did Hollande respond the way he did? Why was the EU called on, not NATO? What is NATO’s role in all things ISIS and Syria? Whether or not you think Article 5 (the part of NATO’s charter that requires all members to respond to an attack on one, used only once in NATO’s history, as a response to 9/11) should be invoked, NATO’s role in this whole mess is certainly tense today, following Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet in Syria. Then again, there have in the past been other close calls between NATO and Russia without WWIII occurring. Hopefully this will be another. Or…


Also, two very interesting articles that examine the importance of word choice: in one case: whether the use of the word “war” biases the available options and in the other why Western leaders are increasingly using the name Daesh for ISIS, and what the Arabic acronym actually means.



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