On the Iran deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif shakes hands on January 14, 2015 with US State Secretary John Kerry in Geneva. Zarif said on January 14 that his meeting with his US counterpart was vital for progress on talks on Tehran's contested nuclear drive. Under an interim deal agreed in November 2013, Iran's stock of fissile material has been diluted from 20 percent enriched uranium to five percent, in exchange for limited sanctions relief.   AFP PHOTO / POOL / RICK WILKING        (Photo credit should read RICK WILKING/AFP/Getty Images)

This is obviously an important, historic, and incredibly controversial deal and there have been months of analysis, articles, and opinions printed throughout world media. This is a collection of some pieces I’ve recently found to be interesting.

Disclaimer: to reiterate my stance on articles posted on this blog, all articles are presented because they are interesting to me and offer perhaps different perspectives. Just because I post a link to something doesn’t mean I agree or disagree with it.

This deal, while mainly between the US and Iran, has understandably been heavily scrutinised by Iran’s Middle Eastern neighbours, many of whom are uneasy and unhappy. Saudi Arabia in particular sees Iran as an important rival, read more to find out why.

Other regional repercussions of this deal include Iran and the fight against ISIS, the civil war in Syria, and Iran’s support for foreign terror.

In addition to the complicated political reactions and potential repercussions, the detailed mechanisms of the deal are worth exploring as well. Much of the West’s ability to control Iran’s nuclear programme is based on the efforts of the IAEA. Is the organization up to the task?


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