Turkey in Syria vs the Kurds?


A lot of media buzz has been talking this week about Turkey’s potential to invade Syria. The question is invade Syria to do what? Given that Turkey is a member of NATO, is hosting American aircraft who are bombing ISIS, and is regularly talked about in American media as being a close ally, you could be forgiven for thinking Turkey would be invading to fight ISIS. If one remembers that Turkey hosts a massive population of Syrian refugees and was on the first countries to call for Assad’s downfall, it would also be logical to think Turkey would be invading to fight Assad.

But actually, it looks like Turkey might finally be invading, after countless calls for them to do so over the years, not to fight ISIS or Assad, but rather to prevent Syrian Kurds, currently the most successful force fighting ISIS and Assad in northern and western Syria, from continuing to gain, and more importantly, link territory in Kurdish areas of Syria. Read more here about what’s going on and why Turkey cares so much about Syrian Kurds.


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