Updates from Yemen


Soooooo…. things have been heating up in Yemen. Which is an understatement. Apparently, Saudi Arabia’s recent success in making sure their allies win out in Bahrain has prompted the kingdom’s move into the country, mainly via airstrikes right now. More surprisingly is that this has prompted Egypt, for kinda strange reasons, to also agree to help Yemen militarily, even though Egypt’s history of interfering Yemen is um…. not good, to say the least.

In addition, Yemen’s previously deposed president, who lost his job during an Arab Spring inspired protest in 2011, seems to be joining with the Houthis in hopes of regaining political power. Fun…. Also, the Arab League is now thinking about a joint military force of some kind, and the US has been encouraging intervention, which is really not a good idea.

Even without misguided US involvement, this situation could devolve badly. So this country that most people forget about might be worth keeping an eye on.


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