Nigeria’s Elections & Boko Haram

Nigeria’s elections, originally planned for this month, have now been postponed due to the increasingly problematic security situation in the north. As this article explains, elections are not always a force for good, and as wars in nearby countries like Sierra Leone show, elections can even be incredibly destabilising. It’s unclear what will happen now, though Niger, Chad, and Cameroon have all started fighting Boko Haram on their borders, and a regional military effort looks likely. What is absolutely unknown is whether they will be at all successful, against this Islamist group that seems to be going from strength to strength and evolving its military tactics at the same time. Boko Haram has now used suicide bombers, a child suicide bomber, which is a new tactic for them. Interestingly, despite the increase in attacks, it remains unclear just how many people have died.



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