The plot thickens: Israel, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Argentina?

Hezbollah members react while carrying the coffin of Lebanon's Hezbollah soldier Abbas Hijazi, who died in an airstrike in Quneitra, during his funeral in Ghaziyeh village

Israel bombed Hezbollah in Syria, killing top Hezbollah and Iranian officials fighting for Assad in Syria. Both Hezbollah and Iran have gone public with the names of the dead, and they’re big names Israel has wanted for years. Then, halfway around the world, a prosecutor in Argentina is found murdered. The relationship? He was about to go public with information about how Argentina covered up Iran’s involvement in the massive anti-Semitic attacks in Buenos Aires in 1994. Since then, a journalist covering the murder (first called a suicide) has fled the country, and Iran has declared revenge on Israel.

Still not sure what’s going to happen next, but Hollywood could not have concocted something more dramatic.


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